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The Masseria

Masseria San Giovanni is located in the heart of Apulia, into the immense expanses of ancient olive trees of the Itria Valley, very close to the Regional Parc of Dune Costiere and to the Adriatic beaches of Savelletri and Torre Canne. It has been built in the second half of the nineteenth century with the name of Ottava Piccola, it is an example of a typical fortified Masseria.

That one at Masseria San Giovanni is an unforgettable, totalizing, sheer experience. Absorbed from the enchanting Salento landscape, in the middle of the secular olive trees, orangeries, vegetable gardens and luxuriant rosemary shrubs, it stands out with its pure and attractive volumes in the deep light of the Apulian sun. The architectural plant dated 1600, which represents the typical features of the fortified farms, has been restored totally respecting the materials and the original details, to valorise a construction unique in the world which includes even a small church of the 700 titled to the “Madonna della Madia”. The cosy atmosphere reinterprets the elapsed multiple functions, as the agricultural one, in a contemporary lifestyle, to become place of wellness: the powerful nature turns into an antidote to the citizen stress, the cuisine based on vegetable garden products is genuine and delicious. The environment is accomplice, charming and full of hospitality sense, symbol of borderline between orient and occident, Masseria San Giovanni is a multisensorial route in which cinema, art and design meet, it becomes a favorite destination for people who wants to live an authentic and elegant holiday like the intensity of a deep quiet.

The interiors are welcoming and cared in all details, furnished with simple elegance to give to every single room its own originality, under the ancient tunnel vault, brought back to the light to enjoy the magic of the honey-coloured tuff coming from Lecce, where pieces of design and fine textile details come alive. A swimming pool perfectly incorporated into the landscape, invites guests to luxuriate in the garden, accompanying them in a deep path of reconnection with nature. Located in “Montalbano di Fasano”, where the “Contrada Ottava” is, Masseria San Giovanni is part of the via Traiana, the old roman route which connected Rome to Apulia.

In days gone by, Masseria Ottava Piccola and Masseria Ottava Grande were part of the same property of the Italian ecclesiastical assets of Monopoly city. Around the XV century, these Masserias have been given as trade-in to Nicola Indelli, representative of a noble family from Monopoli in exchange for lands situated by the Canale di Pirro area. The lands of Ottava Grande have been passed down from generation to generation, following the male descent of the Indelli family. It was around the middle of the XVII century, with the two Francesco Indelli’s sons Antonio e Giuseppe, when the property has been shared: the first one received the Masseria with the tower and some lands, the other one received lands where he built a Masseria which was named Ottava Piccola.

Nowadays the Masseria, which is again part of the Curia property, is a complex which has been recently restored, keeps its own authenticity, with an ancient oil mill where there is still the millstone, the presses and the tanks to collect the olive oil. The Masseria holds a small church of the early 700s, a nice citrus grove, a farmyard where there are seven barns, the place of shelter of the livestock, there are secular olive trees all around. All of it, is not so far from the Montalbano Dolmen and from the wonderful landslides and ravines of karst origin (erosive furrows not so deep created from the runoff of the water, today are very important ecologic paths for the survival of a lot of animals species). The Traiana route, where the Masseria is located, is part of the Adriatic bike lane, itinerary n.6 of BicItalia.